July 19, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Cincinnati Area Needs $3.5 Billion to Fix Sewers

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The cost to fix the sewer system Hamilton County, Ohio’s sewer system is estimated at $3.5 billion. The series of projects – which range from treatment plant upgrades to rain gardens – will take 20 years or more to finish. Fixing the problems in the 3,000-mile network of sewer pipes buried deep beneath the city of Cincinnati and its suburbs will by far be the most expensive infrastructure project in the region’s history.

In San Antonio, Texas, a water main that supplies Rolling Oaks Mall and a nearby neighborhood broke early Sunday, spewing a fountain of water into the street.

Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania is taking action on a measure that should alleviate some of the pressure on the overburdened sewer lines in the area by beginning construction on a sewer bypass system.

Stimulus Spotlight
The new sewer plant project in La Salle, Illinois is now underway. The $15 million project is being funded through federal stimulus funds and grants; the plant will process over half a million gallons of water per day and offer the ability to increase this amount with the addition of more tanks.

Halifax County, Virginia is receiving nearly $16 million in stimulus funds for its multi-million dollar upgrade. The project received nearly $11 million in federal grants and a $5 million federal loan. Construction will last until 2013.

Sewer Rate News
East Moline, Iowa
Kinnelon, New Jersey
Ukiah, California

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