July 28, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: Pair of Water Main Breaks for Richmond, California

Posted in Arizona, California, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Virginia at 3:29 pm by egold24

A pair of water main breaks this morning in Richmond, California flooded streets at both a residential neighborhood and business district. The flooding was caused by pressure buildup that causes weak points in the pipe system to break.

A sewage spill in the northern district of Savannah, Georgia resulted from a grease blockage in the sanitary sewer collection system. Over 20,000 gallons flowed into the Ogeechee River, making the spill large enough to be classified as a large spill according to the EPA.

In Berea, Virginia, a sinkhole opened dangerously close to Route 17. The sinkhole measured over 10 feet in all directions; it resulted from a drainage pipe failure.

A broken water main buckled the pavement and released over 100,000 gallons of water on Tuesday afternoon in St. Louis, Missouri. Initially, officials feared a 36-inch steel pipe had ruptured, but they have verified that it was actually just an 8 inch main. Repairs will last until Friday.

In Lothian, Maryland, 5,000 gallons of untreated wastewater spilled into the Patuxent River. Officials advise residents to refrain from swimming in the area until at next Tuesday.

Stimulus Spotlight
Manistique, Michigan is taking on a massive $8 million water and wastewater infrastructure project which will cover more than 40 blocks.  The project is being funded through the economic stimulus via a combination of grants and low-interest loans through USDA.

Sewer Rate News
Kalkaska, Michigan
Peabody, Kansas
Prescott, Arizona
San Mateo, California


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  1. Glenn Martin said,

    50% of all sewer overflow are from restaurant grease and resulting blockages. Grease removal devices (GRD) are the 21st century solution to the ongoing restaurant grease issue.

    Restaurants must be environmentally as well as financially responsible for their restaurant grease waste. The sanitary sewer cleanups should not be a taxpayers burden.

    see http://www.greasetrap.ca for the environmental impact of restaurant grease.
    Best Kitchen Practices for Responsible Grease Management are also listed.

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