August 4, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: Heavy Rains Cause 1,200 Gallons of Sewage a Minute to Spill in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Posted in Arkansas, California, Georgia, Missouri, New York, South Dakota, Texas at 1:29 pm by joepaul1

Heavy rains in Sioux Falls, South Dakota have caused 1,200 gallons of sewage per minute to pour into local Big Sioux River. Officials are scrambling to fix the leak and clean up the mess simultaneously. The problem arose after an overtaxed sewage system gave out.

Residents in Kansas City, Missouri are complaining about a sinkhole that has opened up at the intersection of 40th Street and Warwick Boulevard. The sinkhole is oozing with sewage and is giving off a pungent odor that bothers citizens.

The town council of Kingston, New York has agreed to pay $293,000 dollars to residents who were affected by a sewer main break in their town. The main broke and flooded the townspeople’s backyards and basements, causing damages.

Stimulus Spotlight
Thanks to the stimulus package, the town of Southport, New York is getting sewage service extended to other parts of town. The $1.25 million dollar grant is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Sewer Rate News
Tulare County, California
Los Altos, California
Steamboat City, Georgia
Dibol, Texas
Monette City, Arkansas


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