September 21, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: Iowa Community Addresses Wastewater Infrastructure

Posted in Alabama, California, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania at 2:13 pm by bengann

Ending the sanitary sewer backups that have plagued residents in Fort Dodge, Iowa for years is a major goal of an updated community plan being developed by local leaders. Officials have already budgeted $6 million to be spent over the next two fiscal years fixing sanitary sewers. Another $3 million is to be invested in storm sewers.

A water-main break this morning flooded a major intersection in Topeka, Kansas causing motorists to carefully navigate through the area during the early period of rush-hour.

Heavy rains over the weekend in Kansas City led to more than 13 million gallons in sanitary sewer overflows being dumped into four local creeks.

Stimulus Spotlight
The city of Coachella, California has secured a $5 million federal loan to improve its wastewater system infrastructure. The stimulus funded project will help improve water quality and public sanitation, and also stimulate the economy by creating jobs.

Pennsylvania Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Casey have announced that a $27 million loan to the Oxford Area Sewer Authority via the economic stimulus has been awarded for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements.

Sewer Rate News
Madison, Alabama
Minot, North Dakota
Pataskala, Ohio
Petoskey, Michigan

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