September 30, 2010

Thursday’s Water News: Sewage Spill Prompts Warning at Los Angeles Area Beach

Posted in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia at 7:57 pm by bengann

A 500,000 gallon sewage spill has prompted a warning to avoid ocean water along a two-mile stretch of beach known as “The Strand” near Los Angeles. The warning will be in effect until at least 3 p.m. on Saturday, pending test results that measure the bacteria level in the ocean water.

A water main rupture that sprayed a San Francisco intersection with water this morning occurred because the pipe is old and made of materials no longer used by the city.

The Baltimore City Department of Public Works is reporting that two sanitary sewer overflows occurred today after a long period of rain. Baltimore is undertaking a $1 billion rehabilitation of the its sanitary sewer system which will protect urban streams and the Chesapeake Bay while preventing future sewer overflows.

Stimulus Spotlight
Colorado Springs Utilities announced today it issued $180 million in “Build America Bonds,” a program created by the federal stimulus act, to pay for the first two years of construction on an $880 million water pipeline project called the Southern Delivery System.

In Virginia, Loudoun County’s reclaimed water is now the highest quality water available thanks to money from the economic stimulus. Loudoun Water received nearly $1.7 million in stimulus funding for the installation of pipes that will deliver reclaimed water for use in several commercial applications.

Sewer Rate News
Calistoga, California
Libertyville, Illinois
Gulf Breeze, Florida
Solvang, California

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