October 1, 2010

Friday’s Water News: Water Main Break Near Pittsburgh Causes Sinkhole, Floods Warehouse

Posted in Alabama, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia at 5:14 pm by bengann

Emergency workers were called to the scene of a huge water main break this morning in Murrysville, Pennsylvania after a 12-inch water line erupted causing a landslide and a major sinkhole in the middle of the street, leaving 30 customers without water.  A manufacturer with 350 employees was forced to  close for the day after its warehouse was flooded because of the break.

Surging floodwaters have overtaxed the Town of Belhaven, North Carolina’s wastewater-treatment system. The sustained swamping led to a treated-sewage spill, overwhelming the system’s capacity to handle waste from two area high schools. Both high schools were closed yesterday as part of the high school.

A $12.9 million federal loan has been approved to bring sewer service to 448 Putnam County, West Virginia residents. Aging sewer lines serving a mobile home community will also be replaced thanks to the federal loan. Ground for the project will probably be broken in early 2012. Once underway, construction is expected to go on for a year.

Cape Fear (N.C.) Public Utility Authority Operations crews responded yesterday and resolved a sewer system bypass of approximately 150,000 gallons that occurred at an intermediate pump station. Approximately 75,000 gallons of the bypass flowed into the Cape Fear River.

Stimulus Spotlight
In California, in an attempt to reduce the local need for expensive imported water, the Inland Empire Utilities Agency together with the Cucamonga Valley Water District; at an estimated cost of $30 million, the project will reduce the local need for imported water through recycling, saving customers money and preventing future droughts. Funding for the project has been provided in full, or in part, by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and an ARRA State Revolving Fund loan, in addition to a grant from the State Water Resources Control Board.

Sewer Rate News
Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
Rainbow City, Alabama
Sacramento, California


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