October 13, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: No Deal Yet for Jefferson County, Alabama’s $3.2 Billion Sewer Debt

Posted in Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Wisconsin at 6:14 pm by bengann

In Alabama, Jefferson County Commissioners say they do not expect any sort of deal in solving its $3.2. billion sewer debt problem at least until the new county commission takes office on November 10.

Ground has been broken in Dubuque, Iowa on a $64 million wastewater pollution control plant. The effort to upgrade the 40-year-old plant should be finished by 2013. Funding will come from a 15 percent increase in the city’s sanitary sewer rate starting in fiscal year 2012.

When the Waseca County, Minnesota was hit with record rains in late September, Waseca’s sewer system was inundated with water from an already saturated soil.  In an attempt to keep water out of basements in town, the city redirected 3 million gallons of water from the sanitary sewer into Clear Lake and the city treatment marshes.

Stimulus Spotlight
The city of Westby, Wisconsin is in sound financial shape, but will need to address water and sewer rates in the near future in order to remain in a safe zone after borrowing $1.4 million to cover the costs of several capital improvement projects underway in the city this year. The city opted to use state trust fund loans to cover project costs thanks to Build America Bonds which were included in the economic stimulus.

Laurel, Montana has decided to replace its cast iron water lines which will be paid for with a low-interest State Revolving Fund loan. The City will apply for $188,000 in loan forgiveness under a state program that applies economic stimulus funds to forgive loans for “green” projects.

Sewer Rate News
Branson, Missouri
Rising Sun, Maryland
Tempe, Arizona
West Point, Mississippi


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