October 22, 2010

Friday’s Water News: Toledo, Ohio Agrees to $315 Million Sewer Expansion

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The City of Toledo, Ohio has agreed to expand its sewer system much further than originally planned, after prodding from the state and federal officials. The new plan, agreed to yesterday, is much more extensive than the original and comes at an estimated cost of $315 million. City officials hope the plan will reduce sewer overflows from an average of 35 times per year to an average of zero to four times per year.

Repairs to the main sewer line running from Nogales, Sonora, to Nogales, Arizona, will take longer than expected, and there’s still some question as to who will pay those repairs. Two weeks ago crews found a huge hole in the line on the Mexican side of the border and raw sewage was flowing into the Nogales Wash on the U.S. side of the border until a sewer bypass was constructed on October 16.

The town of White Bluff, Tennessee has secured a $500,000 community development grant that will help pay for a massive sewer system overhaul. The grant money was provided by HUD and was allocated under a procedure authorized by the Tennessee General Assembly.

Nine members of Congress say its time to change the funding criteria for sewer separation projects mandated by EPA so communities aren’t left overwhelmed by project costs. They are asking EPA to update its 13-year-old set of rules for scheduling projects to separate combined storm and sanitary sewer systems and assessing the financial capabilities of communities undertaking the projects.

Stimulus Spotlight
For the first time, Lewisburg Tennessee’s Water and Wastewater Department has never conducted a project with money borrowed from the SRF but that is about to change. The money is needed to finance a $13 million expansion of its sewage treatment plant — $2 million in funding for the project is being provided via the economic stimulus.

Sewer Rate News
Santaquin, Utah
Saranac Lake, New York

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