October 26, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: Nogales Sewer Line Repair to Last Two More Weeks

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Repairs to the busted sewer line in Nogales, Arizona are expected to last at least two more weeks, and a section of wall is set to be removed to get at the leaking pipe. A patchwork of pipes and pumps is currently sucking up sewage in Mexico and diverting it through a temporary well on the U.S. side, bypassing the 18-inch hole discovered on October 11.

In today’s New York Times, columnist Bob Herbert highlights the need for robust federal investment in the nation’s water and sewer systems. Herbert not only points out that investment in America’s water and sewer systems creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, but also that there is a need for greater political leadership in making sure the federal government increases funding for this essential environmental infrastructure.

Pell City, Alabama has agreed to a $130,500 settlement with the Alabama Department of Environment Management found the city violated the Alabama Water Pollution Control Act. The agreement does not affect another civil case pertaining to sewer overflows the city has pending in the courts with a private land owner

Stimulus Spotlight
The village of Wappinger Falls, New York has received money for a new $5.7 million water treatment facility through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund and the state’s Environmental Facilities Corporation. The influx of federal stimulus money to the EFC was a “significant contributing factor” in starting the project.

Work is scheduled to begin next week on a Century, Florida drainage project funded with over a quarter million federal stimulus dollars. The project includes drainage ditches and storm water pipe installations

Sewer Rate News
Kenner City, Louisiana
North Attleboro, Massachusetts
Sedalia, Missouri

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