October 27, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: $17.7 Million in Grants to Fund Water and Sewer Projects in West Virginia

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In West Virginia, $17.7 million in Small Cities Block Grants is being awarded to fund 31 water and sewer projects throughout the state. Over $50 million in other federal, state, and local funds will be leveraged to complete these projects. HUD provides Small Cities Block Grant funds to the state for such projects.

The city offices in North Ogden, Utah were closed yesterday because a sewer backed up into the upstairs offices and made a huge mess.

Residents in Camden Point, Missouri will decide Tuesday whether to build the city’s first sewer system. On the ballot is a question asking them to allow the city to issue $4.8 million in sewer system revenue bonds. The work is needed because the city doesn’t have a sewer system.

Stimulus Spotlight
The City Council in Pasadena, California has voted in favor of issuing up to $30 million in water revenue bonds to help fund capital water projects. All or a portion of the bonds may be offered as federal stimulus funds called Build America Bonds. Among the projects that could be funded through the bond proceeds are a recycled water program, the upgrading of current facilities and the design and construction of a treatment plant to help remove perchlorate from the groundwater.

The town of West Bridgewater, Massachusetts has broken ground on a new million-gallon water tank that is being partially funded by the economic stimulus. Financing from the project is being built with about $1 million in federal stimulus money, $1 million from a legal settlement and about $1 million in a low-interest federal loan.

Sewer Rate News
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Longview, Washington
Montgomery County, Maryland
Umpqua, Oregon

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