November 30, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: Bridge Closed in Massachusetts After Water Main Break

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A break in a 30-inch water main on the Waters River Bridge in Danvers, Massachusetts diverted traffic for many motorists this morning. The main occurred in Danvers but belongs to the city of Salem. The bridge has been shut down to all motorists while repairs are made.

A water main break in the village of Cedarville, Ohio has left almost everyone in the small community without water. Village officials are doing everything it can to get the water line fixed and the water back on for residents.

The Parish Police Jury in Ouachita County, Louisiana is preparing to begin a $225,000 wastewater improvement project at its correctional center that will save future maintenance costs for the small town of Richwood.

The Town Council of Middletown, Rhode Island has approved a emergency contract order for immediate repairs to a collapsed sewer line. The collapsed sewer line is believed to be due to age.

Stimulus Spotlight
The city of St. Petersburg, Florida plans to sell $44.7 million in taxable Build America bonds to finance improvements to its water and wastewater systems.

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November 29, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Water Main Break Shuts Down Road in New Jersey

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A 12-inch water main break on Meadowlands Parkway in Secaucus, New Jersey halted traffic and left a number of residents without water on Friday.

Maple Shade Township, New Jersey is set to receive almost $1 million from the state to rehabilitate and maintain sewer and water pipes.

The city of Buffalo, New York has received a $2.1 million grant from the state of New York for a combined sewer overflow abatement project.

Stimulus Spotlight
Construction of a new water treatment facility is well under way in Salem, New Jersey and is on schedule to be completed sometime in May of next year. The plant will be capable of treating two to three million gallons of water per day — well beyond the city’s current needs — which will allow for increases in capacity as population increases, or if new businesses seek to come to the area. The project is being funded through $5 million in federal stimulus and a low-interest state loan.

Buckeye Lake, Ohio is adding 1,700 feet of water lines thanks to $479,000 in economic stimulus funds.

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November 23, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: Maryland County Reports 55,000 Gallon Storm Sewer Overflow

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In, Maryland, the St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission is reporting a sanitary sewer overflow of 55,000 gallons that occurred between Nov. 9 and Nov. 22 . The sanitary sewer leak occurred as a result of a broken sanitary sewer pipe.

A water-main break on a residential street in Newport Beach, California left five homes temporarily without water, the fourth water-main break in the area in the past four days.

One of Tempe, Arizona’s busiest streets is closed in one area because of a water main break.

Stimulus Spotlight
During its regular meeting, Noble County (Minn.) commissioners  approved a resolution and joint powers agreement authorizing the issuance of $8.5 million in Build America bonds for the Lincoln-Pipestone Rural Water expansion project.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power issued $760.2 million of  Build America Bonds today to finance water and sewer projects.

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November 22, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Perry, California Plans to Build $5.5M Wastewater Treatment Plant

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City officials in Perry, California are pursuing grants and loans for construction of a new $5.5 million wastewater treatment plant that will increase its daily capacity by 250,000 gallons. The city hopes to finance the project through 50 percent  in grant money and 50 percent in a low-interest loan. Either way, City Officials are confident that the new project will not cause rates to go up for people living in the area.

Norwood, Massachusetts is looking at an $85,000 price tag for the cost of repairing two water main breaks about 10-feet apart on Route 1 in less than a week.

In West Virginia, a 12-inch water main along Route 20 broke Sunday evening, leaving customers in Hinton, Brooks, and Barksdale temporarily without water.

Five homeowners in Keokuk, Iowa will have access to a new sewer line as part of an $80,000 project.

Stimulus Spotlight
Thayer, Missouri is in the process of replacing its wastewater treatment plant thanks in part to a grant from the economic stimulus.

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November 19, 2010

Friday’s Water News: EPA Cites New Hampshire City for Clean Water Act Violation

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The EPA has cited Exeter, New Hampshire for violating the Clean Water Act as data collected by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services found discharges from the town’s outfall into Clemson Pond exceeded the state water quality standard for E. coli bacteria.

A break in a Durango, Colorado water main gushed overnight, creating a layer of black ice for motorists this morning. About 12 residents were still without water service this afternoon as repairs continued to be made.

A water main break in Hartford, Connecticut is likely to disrupt service for residents for a few hours this evening after ruptured main forced a road to close.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Arkansas, the Baxter-Marion Rural Water System has been awarded $7.6 million from the economic stimulus to build a public water system that will serve 600 residents and 23 Bull Shoals Lake resorts in Oakland, Promise Land and Three Brothers. Another $1.7 million in state funds will be committed to the project from the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission.

Union City, Indiana received $200,000 from the economic stimulus and another $100,000 from the SRF to make needed repairs to its water plant.

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November 18, 2010

Thursday’s Water News: Some Cleveland Residents Angry About Rate Hike to Pay for Repairs

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Tempers are running high in Cleveland, Ohio where Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District officials are defending the district’s $3 billion infrastructure proposal that would be funded by higher sewer rates. The purpose of the project is to reduce the flow of raw sewage into Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River from 4.5 billion gallons to roughly a half billion annually. Some residents are upset that their rates are going to increase to help pay for the project.

Some businesses in a Bronx, New York neighborhood spent most of today cleaning up after an eight inch city water main ruptured, flooding several basements and suspending water service to nearby homes. Approximately 300 families were without water between and approximately 25 to 30 commercial retail stores were affected. The water never gushed to street level but rather traveled underground and through the foundation of the properties.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has fined the city of Hannibal $16,000 for sanitary sewer overflows that violated clean water laws.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Natchez, Mississippi, the waterline installations are part of the last phase of a three-phase, 20-year improvement plan that started in 2001. The new waterlines will provide a more stable water source and improve water quality. The utility paid $500,000 for the project, $920,000 was paid for with low interest loans from USDA and state revolving loans and $970,000 was paid for using stimulus money.

The Los Angeles Department of Power and Water plans to issue $500 million in Build America Bonds next week with the proceeds being used to fund ongoing projects in the water system’s overall capital improvement program.

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November 17, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: St. Louis Daycare Center Reopens After Damage from Water Main Break

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A daycare center serving 150 kids in St. Louis is back open again nearly a week after a water main break severely damaged the building. It was the second water main break that the center has had to deal with since July. The second break in the pipe was just feet from the first break.

Thanks to a $10 million pump station from the Virtua Hospital, some businesses will have improved sewer services and Voorhees Township, New Jersey will be able to do away with several tricky pump stations that have been malfunctioning for the past few years.

In Pennsylvania, the Perry Township Municipal Authority has received a $1.8 million low-interest loan to install a sewer line. The $2.5 million project will connect 69 properties to a sewage system and treatment plant.

The city of Newbern, Tennessee has been awarded a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant to further rehabilitate the city’s sewer system.

Stimulus Spotlight
Drinking water that has reduced levels of arsenic is now flowing to 1,084 customers in Silver Springs, Nevada due to the completion of a new water treatment plant. Financing for the project included $2 million from the SRF to cover the cost of construction of the plant and also funds from the economic stimulus money, which include two separate awards in the amount of $751,000 to construct a water main to Five Star Mobile Home Park on Highway 95A and $3.3 million for the arsenic treatment facility.

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November 16, 2010

Tuesday’s Water News: 275 Residents and Businesses Without Water in Miamisburg, Ohio

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A main break early this morning in Miamisburg, Ohio resulted in the loss of water service for approximately 275 residents and businesses. A boil water advisory was issued for residents and businesses in the affected area for 24 hours.

Alderman in Holts Summit, Missouri have decided to place a $7 million bond referendum on its April 2011 city election ballot which would build a new wastewater treatment plant capable of handing 600,000 gallons of wastewater a day. The plant would add sewer service to five new areas.

An elderly resident in Kennesaw, Georgia has demanded action from Cobb County after her basement was flooded with raw sewage last month. A county owned sewer line backed up and caused thousands of dollars in damage and the homeowner says the county is coming up short.

Stimulus Spotlight
The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has awarded $22 million in Build America Bonds to Bossier City which will go towards replacing the headworks at a wastewater treatment facility that went offline last summer

A $180 million revenue refunding bond issue for Gwinnett County, Georgia’s Water and Sewerage Authority was pulled after the county on Tuesday rejected all the bids it received due to market volatility. A rush to sell Build America Bonds before the program expires at the end of the year has flooded the market with supply and overwhelmed demand.

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November 15, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Water Main Break Floods Road in Norwood, Massachusetts

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A water main break early Sunday in Norwood, Massachusetts forced officials to shut down a lane along Route 1 and left many businesses in the area without water. The roadway collapsed in the process, and as of early evening, crews had yet to reach the pipes, which are buried nearly 10 feet deep.

The village of Clayton, New York is taking another small step toward bringing its aging sewer system up to date with upgrades to a pump station. The project, which will begin today and is estimated to cost less than $150,000, is part of the village’s long-term plan to decrease sewer system overflow running into the St. Lawrence River and accommodate further development in the village.

Voters in Stonington, Connecticut will decide tomorrow whether to approve $18.3 million in funding to renovate the town’s three aging and outmoded sewer plants. The town would bond the project over 20 years and borrow most of the money in two approximately equal amounts.

An underground water main split today in front of a family restaurant in Danville, Virginia closing businesses and prompted a water-boiling advisory. The water-boiling advisory will remain in effect at least until Wednesday so city officials can test the water for bacteria and get the results.

Stimulus Spotlight
Three projects in Genesee County, Michigan including the reconstruction and replacement of a twice-flooded pumping station resting on a floodplain in Flint Township, are under way with help from $10 million in stimulus funds.

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November 12, 2010

Friday’s Water News: EPA Agreement Means Sewer Bills Will Rise in Northeast Ohio

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Sewer bills are likely to spike due to the new tentative agreement the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has reached with the EPA.  The district which provides service to Cleveland and 60 surrounding communities is in violation of the Clean Water Act, and the agreement would clear the way for work to begin on a 25 year, $3 billion dollar project to reduce the amount of sewage being dumped into Lake Erie.

The state of New York has awarded $5.1 million from its Water Quality Improvement Program to the city of Utica sewer overflow control projects. The money will with the roughly $164 million the city plans to spend to upgrade its sewage system to prevent groundwater infiltration and to separate sewage lines from those carrying storm water.   

A 117 year-old pipe burst late Thursday night in Middletown, Connecticut near the Wesleyan University Campus. The break forced work crews to close part of a road and replace eight to ten feet of pipe.  “Well it isn’t just Middletown, it’s nationwide,” said Tom Tretault of the Middletown Water & Sewer Department. “The infrastructure is old. You’ve got a lot of pipe in the ground that’s 130, 140 years old. It’s gotta get replaced.”

Stimulus Spotlight
Wolf Creek, Montana is moving forward with a plan to create a water treatment system. The unincorporated community has received $1.38 million in stimulus funds for the project, along with hundreds of thousands from other state and federal sources.

Trustees in the village of Cambridge, Illinois are considering issuing $1.5 million in Build America Bonds with proceeds from the sale being used to finance projects such as  storm sewer relining and water line replacement.

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