November 3, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: National Park in Utah Proposes Sewer Upgrade

Posted in Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Utah, Virginia at 7:56 pm by bengann

Southern Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park sewer system is failing is about to receive major improvements. The Park Service wants to replace pipes that were installed 52 years ago for the park’s lodge, staff housing and visitors’ center. The pipes are crumbling and clogged, backing up sewage that leaks out of manholes and spills onto the ground.

On Election Day,  voters in Jefferson City, Missouri passed a seven-year $35 million sewer bond issue. The money will fund the second phase of a master plan to improve the city’s sewer system. $28 million will go toward sewer collection system projects and the city will use the other $7 million for treatment system projects. The upgrades and repairs are needed for the city to comply with state environmental standards.

Residents in parts of Whitesboro, New York are being advised to boil their water following a water main break in the Village.

Contractors have finished construction of a $1.7 million sewer project in downtown Staunton, Virginia. The new sewer system will be easier to maintain, better able to handle future growth, and no longer runs through a downtown stream.

Stimulus Spotlight
The village board in Burlington, Illinois this week unanimously approved an agreement with Kane County to borrow money through the federal stimulus program to replace a water main.

Sewer Rate News
Hudson, Ohio
Marion, Kansas
Peachtree City, Georgia
Saratoga County, New York


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