November 8, 2010

Monday’s Water News: EPA May Order Secondary Treatment of Wastewater in Gloucester, Mass.

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EPA is moving toward ordering the city of Gloucester, Massachusetts to join the rest of New England in putting its sewage through secondary or biological treatment, before expelling it into the Atlantic Ocean. The price tag to expand and modernize one of its sewer treatment plants if mandated would cost between $40-60 million.

Public Utility officials in Lynchburg, Virginia say the city has a plan to replace the water lines in the downtown area, but that process could take years to complete. The need for repair was highlighted again today after downtown Lynchburg saw a significant water main break for the second time in less than a month. Water lines are sensitive to cold temperatures, and the expectation is more water main breaks will occur with winter right around the corner.

Planning is now underway for a $244 million, 1.2-mile tunnel system, pump station and enhanced high-rate treatment facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, that will reduce the mixture of sewage and stormwater that enters local waterways.

Stimulus Spotlight
The village of Hampshire, Illinois has approved an agreement with Kane County to borrow money through the federal stimulus fund program to connect water distribution systems.The village will receive up to $550,000 in federal funds through the county for the work. The payback period will be 10 years, with a low interest rate of 3 percent or less.

Construction is continuing on an $11 million water and sewer line replacement project in Laurel, Mississippi. The project is being funded in part with $1.8 million “principal forgiveness” loans from the economic stimulus. 

Sewer Rate News
Keokuk, Iowa
Muskegon Township, Michigan
Salem, Oregon
Wilmington, North Carolina


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