November 18, 2010

Thursday’s Water News: Some Cleveland Residents Angry About Rate Hike to Pay for Repairs

Posted in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Washington at 9:32 pm by bengann

Tempers are running high in Cleveland, Ohio where Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District officials are defending the district’s $3 billion infrastructure proposal that would be funded by higher sewer rates. The purpose of the project is to reduce the flow of raw sewage into Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River from 4.5 billion gallons to roughly a half billion annually. Some residents are upset that their rates are going to increase to help pay for the project.

Some businesses in a Bronx, New York neighborhood spent most of today cleaning up after an eight inch city water main ruptured, flooding several basements and suspending water service to nearby homes. Approximately 300 families were without water between and approximately 25 to 30 commercial retail stores were affected. The water never gushed to street level but rather traveled underground and through the foundation of the properties.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has fined the city of Hannibal $16,000 for sanitary sewer overflows that violated clean water laws.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Natchez, Mississippi, the waterline installations are part of the last phase of a three-phase, 20-year improvement plan that started in 2001. The new waterlines will provide a more stable water source and improve water quality. The utility paid $500,000 for the project, $920,000 was paid for with low interest loans from USDA and state revolving loans and $970,000 was paid for using stimulus money.

The Los Angeles Department of Power and Water plans to issue $500 million in Build America Bonds next week with the proceeds being used to fund ongoing projects in the water system’s overall capital improvement program.

Sewer Rate News
Blaine, Washington
Kingman, Arizona
North Attleboro, Massachusetts
Solon, Ohio

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