November 22, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Perry, California Plans to Build $5.5M Wastewater Treatment Plant

Posted in California, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia at 11:29 pm by bengann

City officials in Perry, California are pursuing grants and loans for construction of a new $5.5 million wastewater treatment plant that will increase its daily capacity by 250,000 gallons. The city hopes to finance the project through 50 percent  in grant money and 50 percent in a low-interest loan. Either way, City Officials are confident that the new project will not cause rates to go up for people living in the area.

Norwood, Massachusetts is looking at an $85,000 price tag for the cost of repairing two water main breaks about 10-feet apart on Route 1 in less than a week.

In West Virginia, a 12-inch water main along Route 20 broke Sunday evening, leaving customers in Hinton, Brooks, and Barksdale temporarily without water.

Five homeowners in Keokuk, Iowa will have access to a new sewer line as part of an $80,000 project.

Stimulus Spotlight
Thayer, Missouri is in the process of replacing its wastewater treatment plant thanks in part to a grant from the economic stimulus.

Sewer Rate News
Columbus, Ohio
Halifax County, Virginia
Norfolk, New York
Park City, Illinois


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