December 6, 2010

Monday’s Water News: Pima County (Ariz.) Looks to Approve $240M Treatment Plant Construction

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In Arizona, the Pima County Board of Supervisors is poised to approve a contract worth as much as $240 million for a new wastewater-treatment plant. New state and federal standards for treated wastewater require such an extensive overhaul of its current 60-year-old facility that it will cost less to build a new treatment facility at the current site. The construction, along with upgrades at another county treatment plant, are part of a $720 million plan to bring both sites into regulatory compliance for the amount of nitrogen in treated wastewater.

An early morning water break on the west side of Indianapolis created a mess for commuters this morning. Crews shut down one lane of traffic but water quickly drifted over to the second lane. With temperatures below freezing, the water froze creating slick spots that drivers had to carefully navigate around.

The city of San Marcos, Texas capital improvements department has begun a storm sewer improvement project  to address drainage issues in the area. Approximately 500 feet of 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe will be installed to fortify the storm sewer system and provide better drainage. The cost of the project is $189,000.

Stimulus Spotlight
An Alaska state loan agency has agreed to a complex deal to sell up to $20 million in Build America Bonds to finance a troubled sewer project at the new Mat-Su prison in the Goose Bay area.

A one-year extension of the Build America Bond program, the fastest-growing segment of the $2.8 trillion municipal-debt market, has been included in a Senate bill to maintain expiring tax cuts for middle-income Americans. The program was included as part of the economic stimulus bill passed last year.

Sewer Rate News
Champaign, Illinois
Flint, Michigan
Hutchinson, Minnesota
Malvern, Arkansas

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