December 15, 2010

Wednesday’s Water News: New York Community Must Spend $5.4M to Upgrade Wastewater System

Posted in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin at 7:52 pm by bengann

The city of Ogdensburg, New York is facing $5.4 million in improvement projects to its wastewater collection system to bring it into compliance with federal and state regulations. The long-term control plan calls for several projects to help the city become compliant with combined sewer overflow policies and to bring it from a 75 percent to a 90 percent capture rate.

Late Tuesday evening, two water main breaks sprung up on a Fayetteville, North Carolina street, causing part of the street to be shut down until further notice.

With more than 15 sewer overflows ranging from a few gallons to millions of gallons in the past few years, the Board of Public Works in Holland, Michigan is looking at upgrading many of its lift stations after a reliability study exposed problems.

Stimulus Spotlight
In Kane County, Illinois, two subdivisions plagued by flooding will get their problems fixed, while other local communities will get their sewer and water projects paid for, after the Kane County Board issued $16 million in stimulus-backed Build America Bonds yesterday.

Federal stimulus money enabled the state of Wisconsin to provide $83.5 million in financial help to communities to upgrade their drinking water supply systems, more than doubling the number of communities typically assisted in a year, according to a recently released report on public water supplies’ performance.

Sewer Rate News
Etna, Ohio
Lavalette, West Virginia
Lemoyne, Pennsylvania
North Webster, Indiana

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