December 28, 2010

Top Water Main Break Stories of 2010

Posted in DC, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Tennessee, Texas at 10:27 pm by bengann

Here are the top 10 water main break stories of 2010.

1. 2 million residents of Boston and 29 of its most populous suburbs, were without drinking water for several days in May after a catastrophic rupture of a water main break.

2. A Kansas City, Missouri home looked more like an igloo after a water main break caused water to shoot high in the air where strong winds then blew the water into a resident’s front yard and all over his house.

3. In Washington, D.C., the break of a water main near the National Mall shut down a sizable portion of Constitution Avenue and closed the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

4. Residents in a Bozeman, Montana neighborhood watched in dismay from their muddied front lawns after a water main break left behind by 4 million gallons of water. 

5. A water main leak in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota caused a sidewalk to collapse sending a pedestrian about 15 feet down into a sinkhole.

6. Cornell University’s Foundry–which house art studios on campus–was closed until further notice after water from a main break eroded the ground around the building.

7. At least 105 water mains burst during a one week period in early January in Dallas, Texas. On average the city has four or five breaks per day.

8. A 16-inch water main break shot water 20 feet into the air near the Belmont University campus in Nashville, Tennessee.  Five dorms and the campus event center were without water for a period of time.

9. A broken water main shot water dozens of feet into the air in Rockville, Maryland in July. The break was so sever some residents were without drinking water for five days.

10. A water main break in Daytona Beach, Florida has caused a giant car-sized hole in the middle of one of the city’s busiest roads in May. Water was gushing out of the of the pipe and onto the road because the 50 year-old pipe was so old, the valves didn’t work anymore, and crews couldn’t turn the water off to fix the pipe.

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