January 31, 2011

Monday’s Water News: Water Main Break Closes Tulsa (Okla.) Casino

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A casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma was closed yesterday after a water main which delivers water to the facility broke leading to a disruption in service. Efforts to resolve the problem were hampered by the rupturing of a gas line which was caused by the water main break.

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The Director of Water Resources for Chattanooga, Tennessee was given a suspended misdemeanor jail sentence, probation and a fine this week in connection with a sewage spill last year that killed fish and fouled water at the Browns Ferry Marina.

EPA has assessed a $390,000 civil penalty against Orval Kent Food Co. for overloading the Baxter Springs (Kansas)wastewater treatment system and polluting Spring River in 2008.

A study on options for expanding reclaimed water use in Central Maui (Hawaii) estimates it would cost at least $29 million to eliminate most of the use of injection wells at the Kahului Wastewater Reclamation Facility.

DHL Express has agreed to pay an $80,000 fine to the Ohio EPA for violating its wastewater permit in 2007 and 2008 at its former hub in Wilmington.

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January 28, 2011

Friday’s Water News: Lake George (N.Y.) to Borrow $1.7 Million for Sewer Line Upgrades

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Lake George, New York is moving forward with a $1.7 million bond issuance to upgrade the village’s sewer lines. The state Department of Environmental Conservation has given Lake George until September to complete repairs, or further sanctions and fines will be imposed.

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Mexican officials have notified the U.S. portion of the International Boundary and Water Commission that final repairs have complete to a broken collector pipe just south of the border. Beaches on the U.S. side of the border were closed on and off due in part to heavy flow of sewage contaminated water from the Tijuana River watershed.

The city of Marble Falls, Texas is planning a $4.52 million construction project which will increase the capacity of one its wastewater treatment plants to 1.5 million gallons per day.

In California, the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority may be eligible for federal disaster funds to repair a sewer line that separated in December, spilling an estimated 42 million gallons of waste into the Mojave River.

Residents in McMechen, West Virginia are being asked to conserve water through the weekend after a main break caused a drop in water storage in a nearby towers.

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January 27, 2011

Thursday’s Water News: Sen. Cardin Calls on President Obama to Invest in Water Infrastructure

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Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) has called on President Obama to include water infrastructure in his six-year plan for investing in our nation’s infrastructure. In his letter to the President, Sen. Cardin pointed out that our nation’s water infrastructure has outlived its 50-year life span and that an investment in the nation’s drinking water and wastewater infrastructure will ensure that American families have access to clean, safe water and create thousands of new, well-paying jobs.

Other Headlines
Elected officials in Lindon, Utah have approved $3 million in bonding to increase the capacity of the city’s sewer system.

In Dundalk, Maryland a 16-inch water main break near the front truck entrance to the Marine Terminal closed some lanes of Broening Highway today.

The Sand Creek Sanitary District, located in Dunn County, Wisconsin has requested approval from the state Department of Natural Resources to replace its 34 year-old wastewater treatment system. The district likely will apply for a Clean Water Fund loan and the project cost is $1,095,000.

A water main break forced an elementary school in Corning, New York to close today.  The break originated near the school’s playground and caused a couple of inches of water to pour into a foyer and two classrooms.

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January 26, 2011

Wednesday’s Water News: 400,000 Maryland Residents Remain Under a Boil Water Advisory

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A follow-up to our top story on Monday,  a boil water advisory remains in effect for about 400,000 people in Prince George’s County, Maryland as public works officials continue to test the water quality after a massive pipe burst. Water service has been restored but the boil advisory will remain in effect until two sets of water samples test negative for contamination.

Other Headlines
In Portsmouth, New Hampshire work will resume in the spring on a $5.5 million sewer separation project. The 15-month project, which began last summer is part of the city’s ongoing Combined Sewer Overflow-Long Term Control Plan and required by EPA administrative order.

Linton, Indiana Mayor Tom Jones has called his city’s water infrastructure antiquated and crumbling and says now is the time to formulate a plan to address the problem.

Several rural communities in Southern Oklahoma will now be able to make much-needed upgrades to wastewater treatment plants thanks to some new state grants.

The New Hampshire towns of Pembroke and Allenstown are under a 72-hour boil order after a water main break was discovered early this morning.

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January 25, 2011

Tuesday’s Water News: Urbandale, Iowa Will Enlarge Its Sewer System

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Urbandale, Iowa plans to enlarge its storm sewer system in phases beginning in 2014. The construction is expected to be completed in 2015 and will cost $3 million.

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Some residents in Benton, Illinois are upset over the city’s plan to borrow $750,000 to replace the main line running into its water treatment plant. The city will issue $750,000 dollars in bonds and is also getting a $300,000 federal grant for the sewer project. Benton is also waiting on a $740,000 capital grant from the state which would be used to pay off the bond.

After more than 12 years of planning, Terre Haute, Indiana may soon have a resolution to its wastewater problem. The plan would take 20 years and cost the city $140 million.

About 250 homes in Bloomfield, Connecticut were without water yesterday after a break in a 12-inch water main.

Part of a road in Toledo, Ohio caved in this morning due to a water main break and the road is expected to remain closed through tomorrow as repairs are made.

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January 24, 2011

Monday’s Water News: Water Main Break Snarls Traffic on Capital Beltway

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A water main break iced over part of the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County, Maryland just outside of Washington, D.C., snarling Monday morning traffic and swamping parked cars. A rupture in a 54-inch main caused 50 million gallons of water to spill and has led to a boil water advisory for 400,000 residents. At the center of the water main break, vehicles were thrown into the air and came down on their roofs, and asphalt crashed through the windows of a nearby business. 

Other Headlines
The number of sewer overflows at the Michigan City Sanitary District (Indiana) appears to have tripled since a EPA raid last summer. According to reports filed after the raid, overflows may have contributed to high bacteria levels in Lake Michigan during last year’s beach season. And several times, overflows flooded residents’ basements even though it hadn’t rained — an indication of improper maintenance at the district.

This summer Scottsdale, Arizona will upgrade its existing water and sewer systems to address growth in the city’s downtown.

The village of Woodville, Ohio will soon begin the first phase of a long-awaited sewer separation project. The project includes three phases and should be completed sometime in 2012.

A leaky pipe beneath a New York City street encased a parked car in ice and caused the pavement to sink in over the weekend.

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January 21, 2011

Friday’s Water News: $2 Million Loan to Help Lycoming County (Penn.) Expand Water System

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A $2 million loan will allow the county Water and Sewer Authority in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania to continue efforts to expand its public water system into a regional system serving industrial and commercial development. Most of the money will be used to build a water storage tank and associated pipeline.  The loan money came from the now defunct Build America Bond program.

Other Headlines
A water break yesterday in Chelsea, Massachusetts forced the closure of several streets including, the Beacon Street off-ramp of the Tobin Bridge. The break reduced water pressure, made the road to buckle and caused traffic delays to Logan International Airport.

Four more raw sewage spills were reported in DeKalb County, Georgia on Thursday, including 22,680 gallons into Nancy Creek.

A water main break this morning in Timonium, Maryland left the county fairgrounds and a number of businesses without water.

A major street in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania was shut down for most of Thursday as emergency repairs were made to a ruptured sewer line.

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January 20, 2011

Thursday’s Water News: City Hall in Springfield, Massachusetts Shut Down After Water Main Break

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In Springfield, Massachusetts, a major water main break forced City Hall to close for the day. Moreover, the break left a 25-story office building without water making the bathrooms essentially unusable. The city has experienced a number of major water main breaks in recent years. One of the most devastating, which occurred nearly two years ago, spilled more than 5.5 million gallons of water onto city streets.

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Last week while most DeKalb County, Georgia residents were stuck at home because of the winter storm, county workers were called out to deal with a 20,000-gallon sewer spill.

A water main break in Lexington, Massachusetts sent water gushing onto Route 128 this morning, backing up traffic for miles during the morning commute and also disrupting water service to about a dozen residents.

EPA has awarded a $1.4 million grant toward proposed sanitary sewer systems in Orange County, North Carolina. Orange County will be using the aforementioned grant funds, bond monies and loans to complete the projects.

The city of Bonners Ferry, Idaho has agreed to pay a $12,300 fine to EPA for discharge permit violations from its wastewater treatment plant. To address the permit violations, the city has reduced inflow and infiltration into their collection system and is removing the sludge buildup in the sewage lagoons.

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January 19, 2011

Wednesday’s Water News: Major Sewage Spill Affecting San Diego County

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An estimated 1.3 million gallons a day of sewage are flowing into the Pacific Ocean just south of the international border, in what will rank among the largest single incidents to affect San Diego County in the past decade. Estimates of the spill size vary greatly — from more than 30 million gallons by environmentalists to just a few million gallons by wastewater officials in Mexico.

Other Headlines
Sioux Falls, South Dakota has planned $25 million in projects this year to strengthen the sanitary sewer system, but it could mean higher rates for residents despite receiving $24.5 million low-interest state loans.

Dozens of local businesses and homes were left with no running water after a water main break along Highway 73 in Denver, North Carolina.

A water main break led to a gas leak Tuesday night in Crafton, Pennsylvania and forced dozens of people out of their homes in Crafton. Around 30 families were left without heat after the line was shut down.

The state of Indiana is cracking down on the city of Hobart for taking too long to stop its sewer overflows.

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January 18, 2011

Tuesday’s Water News: Danbury Set to Begin $4.5 Million Sewer Project

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The city of Danbury, Connecticut is set to begin in March a $4.5 million sewer interceptor project.  The project has been talked about for more than 40 years and should be completed by the end of 2011.

Other Headlines
A water main break at an intersection in south St. Louis continues to hinder motorists and residents 24 hours after it began. A 20-inch water main continued gushing despite efforts by city workers to shut it off. The break has resulted in about 60 to 70 homes in the area having no water.

Owners of houses built before the early 1970s in the Milwaukee area could be required to spend at least $3,000 on top of local property taxes for mandated sewer repairs and foundation drain changes on their properties, as part of a new effort to reduce sewer overflows and basement backups.

Plans are moving forward in Greene County, Indiana to create a regional sewer district which will manage the operations of a new wastewater treatment plant.

Hundreds in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania are being asked to boil their water before using it after a water main break this evening.

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