January 17, 2011

Monday’s Water News: 50,000 Customers Have Service Disrupted After Water Main Break

Posted in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia at 11:46 pm by bengann

Top Story
Water is flowing freely again in Fayetteville, North Carolina after a 48 inch water main rupture led to a three-day long boil water advisory. The Public Works Commission says 50,000 customers had little or no water when the break happened.

Other Headlines
In California, some Fresno County families are finally seeing floodwaters recede as crews turn on the pumps to get the water out. Two houses were flooded, and several families were unable to get in and out of their homes due to flooding caused by the water main break.  

Lynchburg, Virginia estimates that it will cost the city $120 million in the next 15 years to reduce stormwater runoff that pollutes the Chesapeake Bay.

Despite spending more than $50 million on sewer and water projects in Berkshire County, Massachusetts over the past five years, tens of millions more will be needed in the years ahead to maintain the area’s water and sewer systems.

The wait for a sewer system to be installed at a popular resort in Jackson County, Iowa continues, but local officials remain optimistic the project will be done by the end of the year. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has tagged it as the number two area statewide in need of a sewer upgrade.

Water and Sewer Rate News
Allen, Texas
Cary, North Carolina
Eureka, California
Stookey Township, Illinois


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