February 11, 2011

Friday’s Water News: Study Shows Iowa Waterways are Dirtier Than Ever

Posted in California, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington at 1:20 pm by bengann

Top Story
Iowa’s waterways are dirtier than ever according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources which classified 572 waterways as polluted in 2010. That’s the highest number since the agency began keeping records 14 years ago. 

Other Headlines
A leaky sewer line in Bremerton, Washington is a bigger problem than originally believed, so utility crews now plan to install about 3,000 feet of new sewer pipeline in the affected area. of it in a neighborhood.

The City Council in Petaluma, California has approved a $51 million, 25-year package of bonds that it will use to pay off loans and other debts related to a wastewater treatment plant and other wastewater operations.

EPA has announced plans to conduct a comprehensive review of water pollution in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Calif.), a first step in containing a problem the agency admits is overdue for closer analysis.  The review will focus on a wide range of pollutants, from farm and household pesticides to urban wastewater and wetland disturbances.

This morning’s rush-hour commute was slowed in Houston, Texas after a water main broke on the Gulf Freeway overnight. The water main, which was located under the freeway, broke causing water to come up through the sidewalk and the cracks on the road.

Water and Sewer Rate News
Aberdeen, Ohio
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


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