April 4, 2011

Monday’s Water News: Water Main Break in El Paso Spills a Half Million Gallons

Posted in California, Maine, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia at 9:50 pm by bengann

Top Story
A water main leak near the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas disrupted traffic Saturday and spilled about a half million gallons.

Other Headlines
The City of Hattiesburg, Mississippi is about to undertake a three-phase, $5.5 million dollar sewer rehabilitation project. City officials say the Army Corps of Engineers is footing 75% of the bill.

Several hundred homes in Liberty Township, Ohio are slated to have access to the village of West Union’s public waste water system sometime this year. $2 million in funding from the Ohio Pollution Control Lon Fund is earmarked for the next phase of the sanitary sewer project.

For more than seven years, officials in Houlton, Maine have worked to find a way to expand water and sewer services on a section of Route 1, which has blossomed over the past decade into the town’s major economic corridor.

The city of Greenfield, Ohio has been awarded $500,000 to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant in order to handle increased sewage flows and meet state EPA requirements.

Water and Sewer Rate News
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Paso Robles, California

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