April 5, 2011

Tuesday’s Water News: Two Dead Following Basin Wall Collapse at Wastewater Treatment Plant

Posted in Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia at 7:11 pm by bengann

Top Story
The bodies of two missing wastewater plant employees in Gatlinburg, Tennessee were found this afternoon under the wall of a basin that collapsed, sending 850,000 gallons of wastewater into the Little Pigeon River. The cause of the collapse remains unclear and is part of an ongoing investigation. Four workers, including the missing men, were at the site this morning when a wall of one of the multi-cell sewage basins completely collapsed.

Other Headlines
The city of Biloxi, Mississippi is finally ready to repair damage to its water and sewer system caused by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. The $1.36 million federally funded contract will involve removing and replacing about 7,800 feet of damaged 6-inch and 8-inch water and sewer lines, repairing storm drains, rebuilding a wastewater pump station, and repairing any part of the roadway damaged during the work.

It could cost West Seneca, New York between $50 million and $70 million to fix its aging, leaking sewer system that causes raw sewage to seep into some residents’ showers and basements, according to an engineer hired by the town.

Aquatech has begun deployment of its mobile frac wastewater treatment solution at a field location in Western Pennsylvania. The company says it will also significantly reduce the volume of wastewater that must be disposed or treated off-site, alleviating the burden on local water resources and roadways.

The morning commute in parts of Omaha was slower today after a 12-inch water main break cut traffic down to one lane in the area around the break. The break cut water service to about two dozen customers, many of them commercial businesses.

Water and Sewer Rate News
Clarksburg, West Virginia
Ellsworth, South Dakota
Farmington, Michigan
Ilwaco, Washington

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