May 2, 2011

Monday’s Water News: Massachusetts Prepares Lawsuit Over Massive Water Main Break

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The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority is preparing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against several companies for the catastrophic water main break last year that cut off clean water to nearly 2 million Boston-area residents for more than two days. The state’s hope is that successful legal action could recover the millions of dollars it cost to fix the rupture and coordinate extensive emergency measures.

Other Headlines
After initial reports estimated a 20 million gallon sewer overflow in Bay City, Michigan last week,  a report from the Bay City Wastewater Treatment Plant now states over 90 million gallons of combined groundwater and sanitary sewage was discharged into the Saginaw River after two inches of rain fell.

EPA has awarded $485,000 to Fayetteville, Arkansas to replace undersized sanitary sewer pipe with larger diameter pipe and rehabilitate about 90 manholes.

Killeen, Texas may be fined for alleged violations concerning its 289,000-gallon sewer spill that surged into South Nolan Creek in February. According to a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality investigation, Killeen failed to prevent the sewage discharge which killed several hundred fish.

In California, Port San Luis and Avila Beach were closed Friday after 1,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into the ocean because of a  leaking pressure main under a roadway.

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