July 6, 2011

Wednesday’s Water News: Wisconsin Community Receives “F” for Sanitary Sewer Maintenance

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The city of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin received a grade of “F” in 2010 from the state Department of Natural Resources for its lack of sanitary sewer maintenance. And due to sanitary sewer overflows this year the best grade the city can hope in 2011 is a “C”.

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According to local officials in Bradenton, Florida, about 3.5 million gallons of raw sewage escaped from a broken pipe last month, sending floods of sewage into the area around the city’s wastewater plant and through storm drains to the Manatee River.

Increased groundwater is taking a toll on the sanitary sewer system in Council Bluffs, Iowa which saw two sanitary sewers collapse over the Fourth of July weekend, adding to the four that previously suffered breaks.

Ground was broken today on a new wastewater treatment facility at Tioga Downs, a casino and racetrack in Nichols, New York. The new plant, which can process 75,000 gallons a day, is needed to accommodate a new hotel to be built at the site.

On the New Jersey Turnpike, the John Fenwick Service Area on the northbound side of the turnpike and the Clara Barton Service Area on the southbound side were closed Tuesday night following a water main break which disrupted water service to the service areas.

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June 20, 2011

Monday’s Water News: Study Finds More Money Needed to Fix Milwaukee Sewers

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A task force in Milwaukee finds the city must spend more to repair its aging sewers to reduce the catastrophic effects of extreme storms. Storms last July poured up to 9 inches of rain across much of the Milwaukee area, with some neighborhoods receiving more than 3.5 inches of rain in one hour. The deluge caused millions of dollars’ worth of property damage with more than 9,000 homeowners asked for special flood debris pickup.

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A disinfection system that would help curb the level of E. Coli pumping into the Mississippi River is one step closer to becoming reality in Memphis, Tennessee. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has issued a draft permit for Memphis to install this disinfection system at two treatment plants. The disinfection system is already in place in most other large cities.

Millions of barrels of salty, toxic wastewater from natural-gas wells in Pennsylvania are coming into Ohio despite efforts to keep it at bay. Unlike Pennsylvania, Ohio’s geology supports brine-injection wells. From January through March, nearly half the brine that went into disposal wells in Ohio came from Pennsylvania and other states.

Due to a rainstorm on Saturday, Portland, Oregon’s combined sewers overflowed into the Willamette River. City officials recommend that the public avoid the river for 48 hours after the rain has stopped.

Hundreds of East Baltimore residents who have been without water since Saturday are expected to have service restored this evening. The initial cause of the disruption, a break in a 20-inch main, was repaired early this morning, but three additional small water service lines also broke when they started allowing water to flow through the repaired main.

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June 8, 2011

Wednesday’s Water News: Chicago-area Water District Decides to Clean Up Chicago River

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The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, which serves Chicago and Cook County, has decided to support efforts to clean up the Chicago River after spending $13 million in resisting efforts to clean up the river. Most of the water in the Chicago River and its connected waterways comes from sewage treatment plants operated by the district, which for years has skipped an important germ-killing step adopted by most other U.S. cities.

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Sanitary sewage overflows into homeowners’ basements and a local waterway in Elmhurst, Illinois and the city’s failure to prevent or report the issues has prompted the Illinois EPA to tell the city to comply with state and federal laws or face penalties.

A stretch of road in Fargo, North Dakota turned into a river this morning after a massive water main break. The break was so bad that it completely drained the water tower which served the affected neighborhood and left some residents without water while the break was being repaired.

There are concerns that Greenville, South Carolina’s aging sewer system is hindering the city’s economic growth, as sewer capacity has become a big concern when planning new development.

A raw sewage spill spewed a foul mess all over the street in a Gulf Park Estates, Mississippi neighborhood. One affected resident says that since moving to the area in 2002 she has seen 30 or so nasty leaks.

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April 7, 2011

Thursday’s Water News: Officials Search for Answers in Wastewater Plant Tragedy

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Operators of a wastewater treatment plant in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where a wall collapse killed two employees are working to restart it and stop a flow of sewage into a rain-swollen river while regulatory agencies try to find out what happened.

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City of Akron Public Service officials have been authorized by the City Council to seek permits for two sewer separation projects and subsequently to move forward with construction.

The flow of untreated sewage that pours into the San Francisco Bay every rainy season could finally be curtailed by a new state law and a string of lawsuits. The EPA and local nonprofits have launched lawsuits against multiple sanitary and utilities districts and municipalities in a bid to end the spills, many of which could violate the Clean Water Act.

State lawmakers in Nebraska have given first-round approval to a bill that would help the city of Omaha pay for $1.7 billion in federally mandated sewer upgrades.

Residents in a section of Laurel, Mississippi will soon have some relief from issues involving sewer water flowing on their property thanks to a sewer construction project funded by a Community Development Block Grant.

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April 5, 2011

Tuesday’s Water News: Two Dead Following Basin Wall Collapse at Wastewater Treatment Plant

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The bodies of two missing wastewater plant employees in Gatlinburg, Tennessee were found this afternoon under the wall of a basin that collapsed, sending 850,000 gallons of wastewater into the Little Pigeon River. The cause of the collapse remains unclear and is part of an ongoing investigation. Four workers, including the missing men, were at the site this morning when a wall of one of the multi-cell sewage basins completely collapsed.

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The city of Biloxi, Mississippi is finally ready to repair damage to its water and sewer system caused by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. The $1.36 million federally funded contract will involve removing and replacing about 7,800 feet of damaged 6-inch and 8-inch water and sewer lines, repairing storm drains, rebuilding a wastewater pump station, and repairing any part of the roadway damaged during the work.

It could cost West Seneca, New York between $50 million and $70 million to fix its aging, leaking sewer system that causes raw sewage to seep into some residents’ showers and basements, according to an engineer hired by the town.

Aquatech has begun deployment of its mobile frac wastewater treatment solution at a field location in Western Pennsylvania. The company says it will also significantly reduce the volume of wastewater that must be disposed or treated off-site, alleviating the burden on local water resources and roadways.

The morning commute in parts of Omaha was slower today after a 12-inch water main break cut traffic down to one lane in the area around the break. The break cut water service to about two dozen customers, many of them commercial businesses.

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April 4, 2011

Monday’s Water News: Water Main Break in El Paso Spills a Half Million Gallons

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A water main leak near the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas disrupted traffic Saturday and spilled about a half million gallons.

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The City of Hattiesburg, Mississippi is about to undertake a three-phase, $5.5 million dollar sewer rehabilitation project. City officials say the Army Corps of Engineers is footing 75% of the bill.

Several hundred homes in Liberty Township, Ohio are slated to have access to the village of West Union’s public waste water system sometime this year. $2 million in funding from the Ohio Pollution Control Lon Fund is earmarked for the next phase of the sanitary sewer project.

For more than seven years, officials in Houlton, Maine have worked to find a way to expand water and sewer services on a section of Route 1, which has blossomed over the past decade into the town’s major economic corridor.

The city of Greenfield, Ohio has been awarded $500,000 to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant in order to handle increased sewage flows and meet state EPA requirements.

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March 29, 2011

Tuesday’s Water News: Jackson, Mississippi Needs $28.9M Over Sewer Upgrades in Next 2 Years

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The city of Jackson, Mississippi has more than 400 sewer system overflows and must make $28.9 million in improvements over the next two years under federal mandate. The city already stands in violation of the Clean Water Act and is paying a $240,000 fine to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

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San Luis Obispo County (Calif.) public health officials have warned residents at Nacimiento Lake not to drink water from the reservoir without purifying it because of a break in a sewer line that is submerged in the lake. The public is also ordered to specifically avoid swimming and other water contact activities for the time being.

An estimated 25,000 gallons of sewage spilled from a pipe in the small community of Omak, Washington after a main sewer pipe collapsed Sunday afternoon. Approximately 1,200 feet of pipe must now be replaced at a cost of 250,000 to the city of under 5,000 people.

On April 5, voters Holts Summit, Missouri will vote on a proposed $7 million sewer bond issue to improve the city’s sewerage system. If the bond issue passes, the money will build a new wastewater treatment plant capable of handling 600,000 gallons of wastewater a day.

In Ohio, Miami County has been awarded $600,000 from the state to use toward installation of 4,230 linear feet of sanitary sewers and seven grinder pumps. The project is expected to cost $1 million and will benefit nearly 60 homes.

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January 14, 2011

Friday’s Water News: New York Community Plans $5.6 Million in Improvements Over Next 8 Years

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The City Council in Ogdensburg, New York has agreed on a plan to make $5.6 million in improvements over the next eight years to its wastewater collection system so it will comply with federal and state regulations.  The goal of the plan is to capture 90 percent of the runoff-induced combined sewage overflow, 5 percent higher than the minimum required by state and federal guidelines.

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In Honolulu, Hawaii, heavy rains caused tens of thousands of gallons of untreated wastewater into Kawa Stream.

Macomb County, Michigan wants the city of Detroit to repay $2.8 million doled out to an indicted contractor for work on a broken sewer line.

Voters in Kent, Connecticut have approved an application for funding of $1.1 million in sewer construction. The funding will come from the USDA and include a $287,000 grant and $862,000 loan at 3 percent interest.

 A water main break in Zanesville, Ohio has been repaired after affecting two houses overnight.

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January 12, 2011

Wednesday’s Water News: Indiana Community Receives $1.4 Million Grant for Sewer Upgrades

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Crothersville, Indiana has received a $1.4 million grant to make improvements to the city’s sewer system. The money will be used inconjunction with a loan from USDA to complete the $3.5 million sewer project.

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Bullard, Texas is about to begin a $1.6 million expansion of its sewer plant. The expansion will ensure that the sewer plant can sustain continued growth.

According to a recent study, the growing population in Amity Township, Pennsylvania will force the municipality to spend $9.7 million by 2020 to expand its wastewater treatment plant.

Two major water main breaks led to some wet driving conditions early Wednesday morning in the downtown area of Dallas, Texas.

Students at a magnet middle school in Little Rock, Arkansas were sent home early today following a water main break near the school that shut off water service.

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January 6, 2011

Thursday’s Water News: FEMA to Pay $350 Million to Fix Biloxi, Mississippi’s Water and Sewer ines

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In the next couple of months, more than a million feet of sewer and water lines will get a major overhaul in Biloxi, Mississippi. FEMA is footing the nearly $350 million bill to repair existing lines, including storm drains damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

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In Georgia, DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis says 1,300 jobs will be created by the county’s water and sewer upgrades.

A water main first installed in 1924 broke in front of a Santa Cruz, California condominium complex causing flooding today. A couple of vehicles near the water main were damaged by rocks that were shot from the geyser of water when the pipe burst.

EPA is investigating two wastewater spills that occurred in Marin County, California last month which released an estimated at 2.6 million gallons. The spills were a mixture of sewage and rainwater. EPA is investigating the cause of the spills, the district’s response, and construction practices.

The city of Bonners Ferry, Idaho has agreed to pay a $12,300 penalty to EPA for alleged violations of clean water rules caused by discharges from its water treatment plant. To remedy the problems, plant officials have reduced inflow and infiltration into the collection system and removed sludge buildup collected in sewage lagoons.

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