August 25, 2008

Monday Headlines: Water Main Break Causes Evacuation at Marshall Univ.

Posted in Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia at 12:26 pm by bengann

Marshall University’s landmark building was evacuated Saturday afternoon after what was initially reported as an explosion at the Old Main building turned out to be a broken water line. The evacuation occurred in the midst of Marshall’s Welcome Weekend, when students return to campus to begin the fall semester.

In Branson, Missouri, raw, untreated sewage spilling from a clean-out pipe at a wastewater treatment facility has tested 1,000 times more potent than the state’s Department of Natural Resources guidelines.

A water main break Saturday evening sent water gushing 30 feet in the air, adding more mud to an already rain soaked neighborhood in Laredo, Texas. (picture courtesy of KGNS)

As city employees in Wheeling, West Virginia work to repair the damage from a waterline break on Saturday, the city’s Public Works Director Russell Jebbia says replacing the pipes to prevent such breaks would be very costly. “It would cost us several millions of dollars to replace all of our old waterlines,” stated Jebbia.

There have been half a dozen breaks in just the past few days in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. a Field Operations Manager with Pennsylvania American Water attributes the breaks to aging pipes, most of them in the area are about 50 years old.

Sewer Rate News
Galveston, Texas
Randolph, Massachusetts


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